Probably the most important single factor when deciding to start a new company……your logo.

Although it seams like a minefield out there when you start up a new business, what do I name it, do I need a website, shall I get a logo done, what about my social media pages. It seams to be endless and where shall I get the logo done, shall I go online to logo maker sites?. I’ve done a number of rebrand logos for companies where they’ve used online logo maker sites, only to find further down the road that they have come across a company with the same logo, and that’s my point. Using a professional designer like Gerard design logos to help you on your journey by researching and making sure that your logo is unique and produced to a high quality and supplying you with the necessary files formats for you to upload along with a logo style guide for you. Gerard design logos prides myself in giving you the best service and design that you deserve. Read my blog, where I will go into it further.