Blinds Shack New Logo

What I love about designing logos for people is the sheer panic I feel at the start of the project, by having a blank piece of paper in front of you with no idea of where the heck it’s going to lead. Now this is why the brief is so important. I’ve heard clients in the past say, as soon as I mention ‘A brief’ they come back and say “Oh, that sounds expensive”, but this is where I get to know and understand you, your business and what are your expectations.

From the initial brief, either in person or remotely, I try to establish your likes and dislikes, this is an important stage for me, as companies have to live with their logo, so it’s vital that they really embrace this, as it has far reaching financial consequences. A logo is a small part of your company’s branding but it is the most important part of the journey, the look of your companies branding and marketing will take a lead from your logo, and when you start to roll out you brands image on livery, uniform, print, design and time the financial cost begins to roll up, so obviously you want to get it right, you also want to get your team to embrace the new look as well, as this will have a positive impact on them when they are representing your business.

So going back to ‘the brief’ for a moment, one of the first things to address before I even start to put pen to paper is ask the client “what is the name of the company”. This probably sounds like an obvious ask, but what I’m asking, is have they checked to see if the domain name is available, and also to do an online search on the company name, until you do this, and purchase the domain name there is not much point in starting with your design until this has been addressed, especially if you are planning on having an online presence.

New Blinds Shack Logo

I’ve now got the ‘brief’ and have got a picture in my mind on what direction to take, Whoopi, I can now start. How I work is to use a sketchpad to get initial ideas down on paper, it much quicker and I’m not bogging myself down with precision, which you would do if you went straight into the software package. I’d do about two to three options, and once I’m happy with the sketches I’ll go straight into producing them in the production software. Now how I work is not to be too precious, its about getting feedback from the client so that we can refine the logo until the client is happy, now this is a fine line, it’s not about me doing everything exactly as the client requests, otherwise the client would be better off using an online logo generating website. Instead it’s about listening and refining until the client and myself are happy with the result. I’ll then go to the final stage of producing the master logos, and a selection of file types, jpeg, png, pdf and eps along with a logo style sheet showing the client a breakdown of their logo, colours and fonts used, which is a handy document to give to webmasters so that your image branding is kept consistent throughout, from the start. There is nothing worse than a companies visual imagery being inconsistent across a number of platforms, it looks unprofessional and confuses the heck out of your customers.

Here with Blinds Shack, the client was an absolute pleasure to work with, they took their time to discuss the designs with the team, we did one tweak, and the client was thrilled. Another happy customer.